Five Faves of December

With 2017 over in like 2 days, I thought I would end it by starting something new.  Creating a list with 5 of my favourite things for each month.  So here are my "Five Faves" for December 2017, they include a "gadget", food, recommended listening, beauty, and a quote.  Enjoy!


Gadget: I'm loving my acupressure mat.  I have been insanely sore and stiff in my shoulders and neck, as that's where I carry most of my stress.  This thing has just helped so much to relieve some of the pain and I seriously recommend everyone try it!

Food: Lara Bars have been my latest snack obsession.  When my blood sugar gets low no one is safe...I turn into an absolute monster.  I always keep one with me for this reason, or for when a sweet craving hits.  Play a game and time yourself while you try to find the ingredient list.  They are so minimal that it's easy to miss (some bars having 2-3 ingredients!)

Listening:  I'm a podcast junkie, of my faves is The Entrepology Podcast with Dr. Meghan Walker.  A must-listen is "How to Spend Money Guilt-Free and Improve Your Financial Relationships" with Shannon Simmons.

I love this because your financial situation affects your mental wellbeing and everyone can learn a thing or two (or ten if you're me) in this area.  I found it super informative and empowering, lots of great takeaways.  Go look this one up ASAP!

Beauty: LOVEFRESH natural deodorant in Moroccan Rose.  I bought mine in August and have been using it almost everyday since and it's December.  This stuff works and it lasts.  It can be a bit hard to apply as it’s not very creamy so best to apply it to warm skin after a shower.  Bonus: they are a Toronto-based company and I heart supporting local.

Words:   I love a quote that can help change the way you view a situation.

So cheer up you see, we are all basically nothing
— Alan Watts

Let me know if any of my faves are things you're also loving!

Cheers xo


Himalayan Salt Lamps

Recently I bought this giant hunk of pink salt from a flea market.  I put it on my bedside table, plugged it in, and turned it on and instantly fell in love with the glowing rock.  So what’s the deal with these lamps?  Ya my sister wanted to know too when she asked if she could lick the lamp to see if it was really made of salt, I said maybe we should pay for it first…



But in Lindsay's defence I did come across this...

“Don’t buy the salt if you haven’t licked it yet”
— Congolese Proverb


Scientists probably don’t study salt lamps…

While there don’t appear to be any studies proving the effectiveness of the lamps themselves (I mean what scientist actually wants to study something like that?).  There is plenty of evidence that using salt can be extremely therapeutic when it comes to respiratory ailments.  For example, it was found that miners in salt caves were shown to have healthy respiratory systems and they’re breathing that stuff in all day, every day. (This is a more extreme example but you get the idea)


The salt rock being turned into a lamp, while beautiful when turned on, actually serves more of a purpose than just a pretty decorative glow.  The lamp needs light and warmth to have effect on cleansing the air.


What are the benefits?

-purifies air

-alleviates asthma, allergies, and other breathing problems

-emits negative ions

-soothing energy


How does it work?

Salt naturally attracts water molecules from the air.  Within these water molecules can be mold, bacteria, and allergens.  The salt lamps traps these nasties, but with the heat from the lamp, the water is released back into the air.  This helps to purify the air in your home.  I like to keep mine by my bed, as it isn’t not super big and either is my room.


Negative ions are molecules that are found in abundance in nature for example waterfalls and mountains.  These ions are said to improve mood and release stress.  I’m all about anything that can improve mental wellbeing.  While the amounts of negative ions released by these lamps may be very minimal, they still exist and it’s worth a try.


Keep in mind that salt lamps are not huge, so for maximum benefits it would make sense to keep it in a smaller room or multiple ones throughout the house.


Do you own one or would you try one?

Let me know in the comments!

And like always add your comments, experiences, hell even your criticisms.


Better Sleep On A Bed Of Nails

I'm talking about a more modern bed of nails, the acupressure mat.  Have you tried one yet?

I’ve bought a couple as gifts for friends and family members who suffer from aches and pains but have never bought myself one until recently.  I’m so selfless… Just kidding, I buy things like that for others so that I can hopefully get to use them as well.  It’s not just me, I know you do that too.


So while these mats may be a fairly new/trendy creation, acupressure has been used for centuries in Asia.  It’s pretty straightforward, pressure is placed on different acupoints on the surface of the body relating to the issue usually by the hands or elbows of a practitioner.  

Neat fact: the acupoints/pressure points may not be anywhere near the physical ailment.

Things your acupressure mat can do for you:

  • increase circulation
  • relieve tension
  • relaxe muscles
  • relieve stress
  • increase the body’s resistance to illness
  • reduce headache and migraine pain
  • induce awesome sleeps

Little inside scoop for ladies, you can try laying stomach down on it, emphasizing bare abdomen contact if you have bad menstrual cramps.  This is just my personal experience but it fully helps, even if the relief only lasts a few hours I'll take it.  (It could have been the fact that the tiny points on the mat made me numb across my abdomen, who knows).  But seriously there are pressure points in that area that are used in acupressure/acupuncture for cramps and bloating, so i gave it a try and liked the results.

Other than laying pelvis down until your cramps melt/numb away, let me share some ways you can use it.  Most people will say you'll get the most noticeable benefits if you use it everyday for 20-30 mins.  Some like to lay on it first thing in the am, however that doesn't seem realistic to me UNLESSSSSSS you wanna stand on it when you first get up.  That'll wake you up alright.  I can only manage a few minutes, but it's also really nice if you work on your feet to stand on it at the end of the day.  Personally I say skin to mat contact is the best, so no socks here ok?

Most people I know that use it, like to lay on it before bed to help with sleep, I have a friend who falls asleep on it (bare backed) and then just rolls off it eventually.  Nighttime just seems to be more convenient to me than morning.  But use it whenever you want, if during the day at a desk works for you because you sit a lot, try sitting on it for a bit.

Speaking of sitting on it!  I was just on a plane, a short flight mind you, but still wish I had it to sit on for a little bit.  I feel like it would be great for circulation when your butt gets numb on a flight.

So this is the brand that I have previously purchased for others (Spoonk).  It comes with one large mat that will go the entire length of your back and one smaller mat for travel, or to use under your head.  You can roll it up and put it under your neck as well.

Here is the one I recently bought for myself (ProSource).  I get a lot of headaches and migraines and liked that the bolster came with it rather than having to roll up the small mat.  It's also slightly cheaper and I find the quality to be pretty comparable.


Let me know if you have one already and how to like to use it! 

Start Before You're Ready

That's some important advice right on that note, welcome!

I've been sitting on this little egg for months now.  I actually Googled (at least a dozen times) how to write your first blog post to get an idea of where to start.  But when it wasn't flowing I gave up.  Well today is the day I say eff it and write my first blog post my way- short and sweet (the complete opposite of how I like most things, my coffee, chocolate, get the idea)


I just want to give you a little rundown of what you can expect from the HH blog.

The body and mind are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.
— unknown

Mental wellness- this is my passion, so I plan to talk about it A LOT, and I'm willing to bet everyone can use improvement somewhere.  If not you, then pass this along to someone who you think could really benefit!  Also, since just about everything we say, do, think, and consume contributes to our mental wellbeing, let's touch on the rest of the content that I'll be sharing in future posts to come.

  • Nutrition and supplement info/advice - because duh
  • Lifestyle - the well known and the WTFs
  • Recipes - I mean I'm no iron chef, but Martha Stewart is one of my idols (minus jail stuff)
  • Clean Beauty - I love me some swap-outs as I continue to clean up my own bathroom/beauty products
  • Books - because reading is cool

This is just the beginning guys and I would be so honoured if you would let me into your inbox every now and then (I know that's some precious real estate!)  So Subscribe below, I promise you will either learn some new stuff or you will be entertained.  Maybe both? xo

PS.  If there is anything you're super interested in learning about or confusion you need cleared up, add a comment or question below!