Life's short, squeeze the most out of it.



Well hello there!  Allow me to quickly introduce myself.  My name is Stacey Linton and I'm a Toronto-based holistic nutritionist.  My passion lies in the connection between diet and mental wellness.  Coming from a family with a history of mental illness I've seen the effect of a poor diet and lifestyle and it's exasperation of the illness.  

Why "The Holistic Hangover"?  This name came about (not shockingly) over some wine with my sister.  We made fun of it and moved on but over the next few weeks it would pop back into my head.  Here's why I find it so fitting...during my time in school I felt like a bit of a fraud.  While I ate as clean as possible the majority of the time, I was not afraid to indulge here and there with friends and family. BBQ and beers?  I'm in.  Homemade nachos and The hello I'll bring the wine.  On the other hand my fridge is always stocked with fruits and veggies and I eat a clean plant-based diet around 80% of the time.  It took a few months after graduating that I realized how detrimental comparison can be towards living your most authentic life.  So I'm constantly striving for balance between a holistic lifestyle while still enjoying life, because it's not gonna stop for any of us.