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Five Faves of December

With 2017 over in like 2 days, I thought I would end it by starting something new.  Creating a list with 5 of my favourite things for each month.  So here are my "Five Faves" for December 2017, they include a "gadget", food, recommended listening, beauty, and a quote.  Enjoy!


Gadget: I'm loving my acupressure mat.  I have been insanely sore and stiff in my shoulders and neck, as that's where I carry most of my stress.  This thing has just helped so much to relieve some of the pain and I seriously recommend everyone try it!

Food: Lara Bars have been my latest snack obsession.  When my blood sugar gets low no one is safe...I turn into an absolute monster.  I always keep one with me for this reason, or for when a sweet craving hits.  Play a game and time yourself while you try to find the ingredient list.  They are so minimal that it's easy to miss (some bars having 2-3 ingredients!)

Listening:  I'm a podcast junkie, of my faves is The Entrepology Podcast with Dr. Meghan Walker.  A must-listen is "How to Spend Money Guilt-Free and Improve Your Financial Relationships" with Shannon Simmons.

I love this because your financial situation affects your mental wellbeing and everyone can learn a thing or two (or ten if you're me) in this area.  I found it super informative and empowering, lots of great takeaways.  Go look this one up ASAP!

Beauty: LOVEFRESH natural deodorant in Moroccan Rose.  I bought mine in August and have been using it almost everyday since and it's December.  This stuff works and it lasts.  It can be a bit hard to apply as it’s not very creamy so best to apply it to warm skin after a shower.  Bonus: they are a Toronto-based company and I heart supporting local.

Words:   I love a quote that can help change the way you view a situation.

So cheer up you see, we are all basically nothing
— Alan Watts

Let me know if any of my faves are things you're also loving!

Cheers xo